Day 1: Tunis – Tunis Airport

On arrival you will be received and welcome by our representative at Tunis Carthage Airport and transfer to Sidi Bou Said. This town is located on the top of a steep cliff and is known for the phenomenal view, extensive use of blue and white and the beautiful flowing vines growing throughout the area.

Check in, and overnight stay will be at the luxury Hotel Dar Said, Sidi Bou Said. http://www.darsaid.com.tn

In the afternoon you’ll tour of the medina and the oriental shops.

Dinner will include a cooking class at Le Grand Bleu Restaurant http://www.restaurantlegrandbleu.com  which is known for its mix of Arab – Andalous’ architecture.

Overnight at Hotel Dar Said, Sidi Bou Said

Day 2: Tunis – Carthage –Bardo

After breakfast you’ll visit the museum of Bardo. Bardo is one of the most important museums in the Mediterranean. It is known for the richness of its collection of mosaics. Here you’ll see how make your own mosaic frame.

Lunch at Dar El Jeld Restaurant – https://www.dareljeld.com/en

After lunch you’ll visit Carthage. Carthage is a historical city of the Phoenician Republic. This city fought a series of wars against Rome that ultimately lead to its destruction.

Dinner at Dar Zarrouk Sidi Bou Said – http://www.darzarrouk.tn

Overnight at Hotel Dar Said Sidi Bou Said

Day 3: Kairouan – Tozeur

After breakfast you’ll visit Kairouan, the oldest Muslim city in the Maghreb. It is “the city with three hundred mosques”, the fourth most holy city of Islam. It is also famous for its carpet manufacturing.

Lunch at Dar Zarrouk in Kairouan https://www.facebook.com/DarAbderrahmenZarrouk  -known for its Andalusian architecture.

After lunch you’ll depart for Tozeur.

Check In and Dinner and overnight will be at either of these hotels in Tozeur. Dar Horchani or Dar Abou Habib or Dar Seyda Beya or Dar Tozeur Guest Houses


After breakfast you’ll depart by 4×4 to visit Chebika and Tamerza where you’ll have a half day hike. Tamerza is one of the most beautiful mountain oases. The oasis, which provides water, is a pleasant location during the heat.

Lunch at the Eden Palm Restaurant- http://www.eden-palm.com

Your afternoon visit will be to Ong Jamal and discovering Tozeur. Ong Jamal is known for being the setting for the famous film ”Star Wars”. The site hosts annual festivals such as ” Electronic Dunes ” and ” Sounds of Sahara.

Dinner and overnight and breakfast will be at a guest House in Tozeur

Day 5: TOZEUR /Chat El Jerid/Douz/Matmata/Sfax

After breakfast you’ll departure from Tozeur through the Chat El Jerid.

Chat el Jerid is the large saline lake in south western Tunisia, occupying a salt-flat basin of about 1,900 square miles.

You can experience riding a camel in Douz (not included in the price)

Lunch at the Sidi Briss Hotel in Matmata which was used in 1976 as a filming location for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, in which it featured as the home of Luke Skywalker, his Aunt Beru Lars and Uncle Owen Lars on the planet Tataouine. The hotel is designed as a traditional Berber troglodyte underground building.

After lunch you’ll visit of a troglodyte house in Matmata. Matmata is a small Berber speaking town in southern Tunisia. Some of the local Berber residents live in these traditional underground “troglodyte” structures.

After your visit you’ll leave Matmata and head to Sfax Check In, Dinner, overnight and breakfast Dar Dhaifa Sfax or Hotel Olivier palace Sfax


After breakfast, where we can visit the Coliseum of El Jem. It is one of the best preserved Roman stone ruins in the world, and is unique in Africa. As other amphitheatres in the Roman Empire, it was built for spectator events, and it is one of the biggest amphitheatres in the world.

Then you’ll depart for Jradou. On the way you’ll meet with 4×4 cars in Enfidha and then go in the direction of Jradou. your bus will go to Hammamet with your luggage.

On route you’ll make a brief stop at Jradou’s cafe for tea (included).

Lunch in Takrouna at the Rocher Bleu Restaurant.

After lunch you’ll visit Takrouna which is a small Berber village near Enfida. As soon as you leave this city you can see the rocky peak, overlooking the valley in the centre of the fertile Sahel region. The stone houses, whitewashed, low vaulted roofs, wrap around the top of this high promontory.

Check In, Dinner, overnight and breakfast in the La Badira hotel in Hammamet    http://www.labadira.com


After breakfast you’ll leave Hammamet and drive to Sidi Jedidi. After stopping at Douar Laroussi you will participate in a competition for picking of olives at Harissa’s Manufacture where you’ll be offered at aste of the traditional handmade bread of Sidi Jedidi Tabouna with the olive oil of the season.

Lunch in Sidi Jedidi:  The menu will be 100% Tunisian (Soup, brick tajine, homemade couscous and traditional Tunisian pastry – Makroudh) with dancing and folk music.

While in Douar Laroussi you’ll learn how to recognise spices, slalom a goat herd, assemble and disassemble Berber tent, prepare typical bread and camel schooling.

Check In, Dinner, overnight and breakfast at La Badia Hotel (or dinner at an outside restaurant in Hammamet)


After breakfast an energetic day is ahead of you. In the morning horse riding in Hammamet and in the afternoon: Cycling in Hammamet.

Dinner, overnight and breakfast in La Badira Hotel.


After breakfast you’ll be transferred to Tunis airport for you return flight.

End of Our Service

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