SERBIA – A VIP Tour Programme

This is a great example of what can be achieved in just 6 days when visiting SERBIA.  There are many other possible itineraries to suit all requirements and budgets. Please let us know if we can help you put SERBIA into your tour programmes.

Day 1

Your VIP experience starts after your arrival at Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, capital of Serbia. You board a helicopter for a sightseeing flight over Belgrade. Afterwards you will have a ‘champagne transfer’ by limousine from the airport into the city.

Your Belgrade sightseeing will include the Belgrade Fortress, the confluence of the Rivers Sava and Danube, the tennis courts where Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic trained, Saint Sava’s Temple, biggest Orthodox Christian church in the world by volume, the Yugoslavia History Museum and Mausoleum of Tito, president of former Yugoslavia and leader of Non-Aligned Countries during Cold War.

Lunch in downtown.

After lunch you’ll visit Nikola Tesla Museum, with more than 160,000 original documents, devices, and other personal items as the legacy of this Serbian-American inventor.

Dinner in Skadarlija Bohemian Street with live Balkan music. Afterwards visit the best bars and clubs.

Overnight in 5* hotel in downtown of Belgrade.

Day 2

After breakfast in your hotel you’ll drive to Sremski Karlovci, a small baroque town in Vojvodina province, enjoy some sightseeing downtown then visit a Bee-keeping Museum followed by a wine tasting in one of the wine cellars that are very common in this area.

Continue to Petrovaradin Fortress, the second biggest fortress in Europe, known as “The Gibraltar on the Danube“, built in the early 17th century. We will enter the tunnel network beneath Petrovaradin Fortress, some 500 meters of the more than 20 kilometres of tunnels.

Lunch in a restaurant on the top of the fortress, with a view to Danube River and Novi Sad City.

Afterwards you go sightseeing in Novi Sad, the second biggest city in Serbia. Afterwards it’s back to Belgrade and get ready for dinner in a fancy restaurant in Beton Hala area, with live music band. Then a midnight cruise on Sava and Danube Rivers (with some champagne of course).

Directly from the restaurant to one of the best raft-boat clubs in Belgrade, located on the confluence of the Sava to Danube River with a perfect view to Belgrade Fortress.

Overnight in 5* hotel in downtown of Belgrade.

Day 3

Next 3 days of VIP Serbia tour include all transfers on mountain area are by jeeps… in some parts is a standard drive, in some is a rough drive, depending on the terrain and what clients prefer. First to Oplenac Hill and complex of Serbian Royal Dynasty Karadjordjevic: Museum of King Peter the 1st and the Mausoleum of Serbian Royal Dynasty of Karadjordjevic in the Church of St. George.

Visit Royal wine cellar with wine tasting. Lunch in a restaurant where the royal family eats. Now from royalism to communism… visit Museum dedicated to the Uzice Republic that was the first liberated territory in Europe in the middle of Nazi-conquered Europe in 1941 with WWII Partisan gun and ammunition factory in tunnels beneath.

Visit memorial complex Kadinjaca, dedicated to WWII partisans from this area that died in WWII.

Dinner (special roasted lamb meat).

Overnight in 4* SPA hotel on Zlatibor Mountain or VIP mountain house on Tara Mountain.

Day 4

 Rough Jeep drives around Zlatibor and Tara Mountain, with a stop on best viewpoints. Train ride through Sargan Eight old touristic railway from 1925. It is a narrow-gauge railway that passes through 22 tunnels and over 5 bridges, just to overcome the altitude difference of 300 meters!

Visit ethno village Drvengrad (wooden city), built on Mecavnik hill by Serbian film director Emir Kusturica, who won twice Palm d’Or on Cannes film festival. Lunch. Zip-line float on the longest zip-line in Serbia, on Zlatibor Mountain.

ATV quad drives around Zlatibor Mountain landscapes. Dinner (special roasted fresh river fish). Overnight in 4* SPA hotel on Zlatibor Mountain or VIP mountain house on Tara Mountain.

Day 5

Jeep transfer to paragliding. Get the perfect view of Serbia nature during paragliding flight with professional paragliding trainers. At mountain top all guests have trained with paragliding trainers (some of them are European champions), then you will do tandem paragliding flight (5-10 minutes, it depends on the wind and other weather conditions, and each guest is specific…).

After the flight is organised transfer back to the starting point, with open-air barbecue lunch and drinks. Back to Belgrade. Check-in at the hotel in Belgrade. Slow evening drive by vintage car including a Ford A 1928, Jaguar SS100 1939 and a Bentley R 1954.

Passing bar streets, and drop to Serbian National Theatre, founded in 1868, and visit ballet or classical opera, and go to backstage to discover what happens behind the scenes. Dinner in one of the best restaurants in Belgrade followed with visits to the best bars and clubs. Overnight in 5* hotel in downtown of Belgrade.

Day 6

 A two hour of panoramic sightseeing from Cessna aircraft, along Danube River from Belgrade to Romanian border. View to Viminacium archaeological site, one of the biggest Roman cities from the 1st century, and biggest European archaeological park spread on 350 acres.

View to Golubac Fortress from the 14th century, one of the most beautiful medieval fortresses on the Danube River, where the Danube is widest (6.5 kilometres). Continues flight above Djerdap Gorge, the longest (100 kilometres long) and deepest (92 meters) gorge in Europe with remains of Trajan’s Bridge (1127 meters long stone bridge that Roman Emperor Trajan built at beginning of 2nd Century), and the place where he left a permanent imprint on the rock, known as Tabula Traiana.

Follows the largest European 55 meters high rock sculpture depicting Decebal the last king of Dacia in the early 2nd   Century. View to Djerdap 1 Hydroelectric Power Plant (known as the Iron Gate), built at the 1970’s as the largest dam on the Danube. View to Lepenski Vir archaeological site, one of the oldest preserved urban settlement in Europe (7000 years BC). Back to Belgrade.

Departure from Belgrade.

End of your VIP Serbia Tour


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