The Altay Mountains are sometimes referred to as the “Russian Tibet”.  Here stands the highest mountain in Siberia — Belukha (4506 metres). The main wealth of Altai region is its nature and it is carefully guarded. There are two biosphere reserves in the region; “Katunskiy” and the largest in Russia, Altai National Park “Saylyugemskiy”.

Day 1

Arrival in Moscow.

Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation in 3* hotel.  Dinner at the hotel. Meeting and getting acquainted with the participants of the expedition.

Day 2

Moscow Sightseeing Tour.

Breakfast at hotel. In the morning, a city tour around Moscow with a visit to the Red Square, Kremlin area, and the Sparrow Hills observation platform. Lunch at a local restaurant. In the evening, transfer to the airport and flight to Gorno-Altaisk.

Day 3

Meeting the group at the airport in Gorno-Altaisk.

The trip starts with a journey along the main traffic route of the Altai Mountains – the Chuisky highway. Overnight at the tour base on the bank of the river Chuya.

Day 4

Chuya river – the village of Kosh-Agach – river Tarkhata source of Teplyy Klyuch.

Moving to the village of Kosh-Agach where the participants get safety instructions, distribution of products and equipment. The beginning of the active part of the journey on Quad bikes. The group leaves Kosh-Agach and starts moving along the dirt road toward the village of Dzhazator. The road passes through the border area, where it is mandatory to have a passport and permit check. While travelling, we will be passing a number of beautiful lakes: Tarutinskoye, Perlukah-Nur, Karakul, Tunguru. Overnight stop at the Tepliy Kluch (Warm Springs). In the evening we will take a walk and you’ll have a marvelous view of the Saylyugem ridge in glow of the setting sun. Nearby, among the mountain ranges, lies the pass of Tsagan-Daban, were you can get to Mongolia. Overnight in a camp prepared by the staff.

Day 5

Teply Kluch (Warm springs) – Teply Kluch pass (2900 metres) – river Kalguty- Goose Lake.

In the morning there is the opportunity to take a bath in the spring water (+12 to +20 degrees). We continue the journey through a beautiful panorama landscape. Ahead stretches a hilly plateau. Ukok Plateau is covered with hundreds of lakes with water ranging from turquoise to bluish-black in color and a web of milky rivers. The water shimmers in the sun and the plateau seems to be golden. Descending the pass, we move along the mountain pass of Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola, which means “Five Sacred Peaks”, the name that, according to legends, was given by Genghis Khan. One of the peaks, mount Nayramdal (4374 metres), is the second highest in Siberia, after Belukha. Many locals believe that at the foot of the Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola is the entrance to the legendary Shambhala. Overnight in a campsite on the bank of Goose Lake. Dinner around a campfire.

Day 6

Goose Lake – the River AK-Halacha – the White Lake.

In the morning we continue along the plateau. On the way, we get to inspect the archaeological monuments of different eras. Examination of the burial place of the “Princess of Altai” – a unique and sensational finding from the Pazyryk culture. Then the path will take us past the frontier to the extraordinary beautiful White Lake. With sufficient experience of group members, in the morning, you will be able to travel for a photo-shoot to the gorge of the Kara-Chad and feel the breath of the mountains and power of the glaciers. In the gorge is the Nayramdal Mountain (4374 metres), on the right side of the valley – snow-capped peaks of the southern Altai ridge height to 4000 metres. Overnight in the base camp on the bank of the White Lake. Dinner around the campfire.

Day 7

The White Lake – the River Ak-Alakha – Lake Kaldzhin-Kul.

You will find a fascinating wilderness with numerous fords and various obstacles. The path runs past the border, to the lake Kaldzhin-Kul. In summer, the gentle green grass surrounds the lake, which reflects the snow-white mountains, blue sky and clouds.

Day 8

Rest day

Hiking to a nearby lake, Kaldzhin Kul-Bas, or a viewing from a height of 2624 metres. Option to stay by the lake. On the river flowing into the lake is an excellent fishing spot. On a hot summer day you can swim.

Day 9

Lake Kaldzhin-Kul Lake – the River AK-alakha – tract Tashan – river Akkol.

Rest day is over and our journey continues again. Again cross the heart of the Ukok Plateau, and the river Kalguty. You will get to see the ancient Bertekskoy Petroglyphs, which are over 4700 years old. It is necessary to overcome the steep and difficult ascent to the observation altitude (2600 metres) to get a wide view of the plateau. The effort is worth it. The observation height offers a magnificent panorama of the Ukok plateau; a plateau with peaks of snow that pierce the sky. The descent to the meeting point of the Ak-Alakha and Akkol rivers. Overnight on the bank of the river Akkol. Dinner around a campfire.

Day 10

The River Akkol – Bigamous Pass (2843 m) – the River Ilderem River Dzhazator.

In the morning, we leave the valley of river Akkol and climb towards the pass Bogomaz (2843 metres). Along the way we can meet the friendly herders, the Kazakhs, with flocks of sheep, goats and yaks. The ascent is not difficult, but long. Throw a farewell glance at the Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola and begin the descent. Descend from the pass along the picturesque banks of the river Ilderem, covered with a carpet of flowers and herbs, to the river Dzhazator. We travel along the river, down to the village of Dzhazator. Overnight in tents at the base camp.

Day 11


Car transfer to Gorno-Altaisk. On the way, sightseeing of historical and natural attractions. We will arrive late. Accommodation in hotel with all amenities included.

Day 12


Early morning transfer to the airport and flight to Moscow. Flight home.



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